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Since it was first invented back in 1877 by German chemist, Wilhelm Rudolph Fitig, there has been a steady development of acrylic from concept to commercial products. Today there are probably more than fifty brands all over the world, including small scale local manufacturers in China and India. Among those approximately fifty brands, there are at most only ten truly global brands with a proven reputation for consistency and quality. ASTARIGLAS® is one of them.
ASTARIGLAS® is manufactured in Indonesia, one of the fastest growing and developing economies in the world. ASTARIGLAS® is a brand name of Astari which has been producing premium grade cast acrylic sheets since 1980. With its current 24,000 tons per year of production capacity, Astari is the largest single location manufacturer cast acrylic in Asia and one of the largest in the world.

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, ASTARIGLAS® quality of cast acrylic sheets has been accepted in more than 45 countries in the world. With the latest manufacturing technology and equipment, new manufacturing assets, solid R&D team, and 100% thorough inspection, it has a dependable recipe for consistent quality.

ASTARIGLAS® is available in wide range of product types, from General Purpose (GP) sheets, Satin or Matt finished (TESSEMATT) sheets, thick sheets (Blocks), and special Sanitaryware (SW) grade sheets for bath and shower tray producers.  ASTARIGLAS® is available in eighteen different sizes as well as different types of masking to fulfill the various needs of markets all around the world.  Completing their range, ASTARIGLAS® now has their latest development of special grade sheets, LED and LED Blocks sheets. This exciting new product was specially developed for the global signage industry.

As expected from Astari’s history of commitment to continuous improvement, Astari will expand its production capacity to 36,000 tons annually in the near future. This added capacity will make Astari the largest cast acrylic sheets manufacturer in the world.