Characterized by slim profile, reliability, low energy, and long service life, LED is increasingly popular to illuminate signboards and other display applications, gradually replacing traditional light sources.

Taking advantage of LEDs’ brilliant features, including optimized backlighting performance, we are proud to introduce ASTARIGLAS® LED cast acrylic sheets, which provide high-quality lighting while eliminating many of the constraints and challenges that existing LED systems impose.

The sheets come in opal white and other various colors, enabling sign makers and designers to enjoy the virtues of LEDs and create slimmer, brighter, and cost-effective backlit solutions


ASTARIGLAS® LED sheets offer innovative backlit solutions with the following benefits:

  • Maximized hiding power to conceal LED light sources and eliminate “banding” or “hotspots” as close as 1 1/4″ from the light source
  • Optimum brightness and strength of color
  • Improved light diffusion that leads to higher luminous efficiency
  • Low energy use and heat output, making them cost-effective and environmentally feasible.
  • Elegant slim backlit signage solutions
  • Weather-resistant
  • Retained superior physical attributes and characteristics of cast acrylic sheet products
  • Trouble-free fabrication
  • Lightweight – half the weight of glass

Product Variants

ASTARIGLAS® LED Sheet Opal White

Sourced for its superior light-diffusing properties, ASTARIGLAS®LED Opal White is manufactured with a custom formula that allows designers to create slimmer and stylish signage boxes. The backlighting offers a high degree of white opacity in incident light and daylight.

Another benefit is concealing hotspots from LED lamps without compromising brightness due to optimized translucency that provides high transmission paired with maximum light diffusion.

ASTARIGLAS®LED opal white sheets are available in standard thickness of 0.118″ to 0.236″ — W436 LD with high transmission and W437 LD with pronounced light diffusion.

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These translucent sheets are drive by the technology that combines good light diffusion and optimal light transmission, allowing the colored surface to glow evenly without LED hotspots, creating complete energy-efficient LED signage designs.

ASTARIGLAS®LED Colors deliver maximum efficiency and superior lighting technology, making them predominantly used in illuminated signs, store fixtures, and exhibition booths.

ASTARIGLAS®LED colored sheets are available in 0.118″ to 0.236″ standard thickness. Compared to conventional fluorescent and neon tubes, illuminated signs with ASTARIGLAS®LED Colors consume less energy. This is increasingly important in signage construction as advertising displays are often illuminated 24/7. Meanwhile, the full potential of LEDs can only be harnessed using a suitable material

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