ASTARIGLAS® is a global brand for acrylic sheet that represents the very best in quality. We design our entire manufacturing process from raw materials through quality control to guarantee that only the best quality is attained.

ASTARIGLAS® possesses an excellent optical characteristic and many other desirable properties such as impact strength, weather and chemical resistances, and hardness. These qualities are attained for a number of reasons, including that we manufactureASTARIGLAS® from 100 per cent virgin methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) and employ a cell-cast method.

More than 35 years’ experience in manufacturing cell cast acrylic sheet has taught us how to craft the best balance of properties, whether for general or specific purposes of acrylic usage.

Our obsession with perfection reflects in our quality-control policy where each and every acrylic sheet that we produce is inspected. ASTARIGLAS® is available in a number of colours, thicknesses and textures for all your cast acrylic sheeting needs.

Expert in Cast Acrylic Sheet

Based on manufacturing methods, there are three types of acrylic sheet:

  • Cell cast acrylic sheet
  • Continuous cast acrylic sheet
  • Extruded acrylic sheet

From quality and manufacturing ability aspects, cell cast acrylic sheets outperform other types of acrylic sheet because of the ability to reach a higher molecular weight and ability to produce greater thicknesses and in smaller batches, resulting in a number of desirable properties, including:

  • Strength
  • Appearance
  • Variety of colours and thicknesses
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ease of fabrication


Product Range