astariglas tessemat acrylic

Product information

TESSEMATT is the name for ASTARIGLAS® range of matt satin-textured cast acrylic sheets. The name comes from the Latin word “tessera” which means a small cube of coloured glass used for ornamental purposes.

This special texture provides elements of elegance and warmth. It retains the “frosted look” even after thermoforming, sawing and drilling.

Customers may choose from different degrees of translucency, as light is diffused uniformly, thereby softening strong colours and subtly filtering the light to reduce glare.

The pleasant-to-touch surface makes this type of material suitable for furniture and certain architectural applications, as well as many other applications.
ASTARIGLAS® TESSEMATT is available in single-sided (TESSEMATT S) and double-sided satin surface (TESSEMATT DS).


ASTARIGLAS® TESSEMATT offers unique features:

  • Available in a bright range of colours
  • Satin surface hides scuff marks
  • Will not “fingerprint” when touched
  • Well-balanced in light transmission and diffusion
  • Ten times the impacts strength of glass
  • Easy to fabricate with wood working tools
  • Easily cleaned
  • Completely recyclable

Product Variants

ASTARIGLAS® TESSEMATT are available in :

Single Sided Satin Finish

Double Sided Satin Finish

Single Sided Satin Finish

Double Sided Satin Finish

Application Areas

ASTARIGLAS® TESSEMATT has also been used in these industries

Technical Info

About Astari.

In 1980, Astari Niagara’s acrylic division pioneered the manufacture of cast acrylic sheets. Though we blazed the trail for many other would-be competitors to follow, we have maintained our position as the No. 1 acrylic sheet manufacturer in Indonesia through constant and ongoing innovation.