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Product Information

Astariglas® BR uncoated cast acrylic sheet is a lightweight, crystal clear and easy to fabricate bullet resistant material. Astariglas® BR is rated level 1 for bullet resistance as per Underwriters Laboratory standard UL-752. This rating covers medium and small power firearms for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our product is specifically formulated to absorb and dissipate the impact energy of a projectile, making it an excellent choice for clear protective barriers in locations with risk of robbery or assault.



Safety protection for daily activity in high risk environment
Astariglas® BR offers a cost efficient option compared to bulletproof polycarbonate or glass. It will absorb and resist the impact of level 1 firearms – the most common firearm on the street.


Aesthetically pleasing protective barrier
Crystal clear clarity with the highest light transmission any glazing material has to offer. The shine effect on the clear polish-able edges creates a gorgeous frameless look that can’t be matched by bullet resistant polycarbonate or glass. Its attractiveness will sustain in both indoor and outdoor environment for a long time because of its ability to maintain its clarity and resistance to yellowing.


Lighter weight with the same protection
Astariglas® BR uncoated cast acrylic sheet is half the weight of glass laminates and slightly less weight than polycarbonate that offers the same protection.


Easy to fabricate, offer more design possibilities
Astariglas® BR is a glazing material that is easy to work with. It can be cut to any size and shape with any standard tool. It also can be bent and the edges are polishable into crystal clear edges.

Application Areas

Application Areas

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About Astari.

In 1980, Astari Niagara’s acrylic division pioneered the manufacture of cast acrylic sheets. Though we blazed the trail for many other would-be competitors to follow, we have maintained our position as the No. 1 acrylic sheet manufacturer in Indonesia through constant and ongoing innovation.