Product information

ASTARIGLAS® BLOCK Clear are weather resistant, strong, non-toxic and transmit a great deal of light. These properties make clear blocks an excellent choice for many applications like souvenirs, furniture and store displays which make use of these qualities.

ASTARIGLAS® BLOCK gives a powerful statement with its distortion-free view. Available in Crystal Clear, ASTARIGLAS® BLOCK has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is easy to work with, even in complex fabrications.


  • Crystal clear, undistorted view
  • Monolithic, no lamination
  • A single unit for simple and practical implementation
  • High resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • Easily fabricated, cemented and bonded

Product Variants

High Gloss sheets in clear are highly transparent and colorless, allowing the most light through of any of our products at 92% light transmission. This quality in addition to other acrylic sheet properties such as weather resistance and break resistance makes them an extremely popular choice for applications that requires see-through material like aquarium windows, sound barriers and bank security teller screens.

Astariglas® Block are available in Clear, White and Black

Application Areas.

Astariglas® Block has also been used in these industries

Technical Info.

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About Astari.

The origin of ‘Astari’, derived from two Indonesian Words, ‘Asri’ means beauty and ‘Lestari’ means everlasting. We also named our products ‘Astariglass’ means a beautiful and everlasting glas. Time has tested both our company and products. After more than 35 years continuous improvements, we are produt to say that we are worthy to use the name ‘Astari’.