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At Astari we are committed to bringing our customers outstanding technical service but an innovative research commitment to bring our customer exciting new products. At Astari we continue to innovate and advance by investing in research personnel and projects that raise the bar for the regions technical capability in acrylic. Having advanced color matching and analytical instruments and highly experienced technical personnel, Astari can support its customers in overcoming processing problems.

Our multinational technical team can assist our customers in product development initiatives to suit their markets as well as expert advice in a wide variety of applications.
In recent years we have expanded product lines beyond general purpose acrylic into a high productivity grade for easier fabrication, sanitaryware grade and recently a bullet resistant grade. Note that some grades are only available in specific regions. This added depth of product offerings will continue to accelerate and that requires continual investment in our technical personnel and facilities, and programs.

In research we continuously strive to offer new products to our customers and improve the qualities of our existing products. That takes commitment of financial resources for personnel and equipment as well as commitment of time, often many years that it takes to develop world class research capabilities. Our commitment to greater world class technical capability differentiates Astari from other Asian acrylics producers. That commitment is one of the differentiators that make Astari a global rather than merely regional acrylics company.